The Best Espresso Machines Under $200


In today’s world, there are limitless options for just about everything. With so many choices it can be easy to become overwhelmed, especially when trying to pick out the best espresso machine for you. There are many things that should be taken into consideration like brands, price, and models, just to name a few.

What to Consider Before Buying?

One of the most important things that should be taken into consideration is your budget, and knowing how much you are willing to spend on an espresso machine. There is nothing worse than finding that perfect espresso maker only to realize that you are not able to afford it. You can keep track of your budget using many different programs and phone applications

Many times people think that the more expensive the espresso machine is the better the coffee will turn out, but this not entirely true. There are several espresso machines under $200 that will create some very delicious coffee.  

Quality of Espresso
You will want to look for a machine that creates a well-balanced shot of espresso. An espresso shot is made up of three different parts, the heart, body, and crema, that all work together to create the perfect shot of espresso.

You will want the top foamy area, or crema, to be thin but still foamy. This is where the sugars and oils are located which is where the sweet taste of the espresso shot comes from.

Water Source
There are many espresso machines that come with water pumps built into them, so they can be connected to an RO system. But some of them do not have water pumps. This means that you will have to manually fill the water reservoir. Depending on the size of the reservoir will determine how many times you will have to fill it up. It is always a good idea to check how much water the reservoir is able to hold.

Type of Machine
There are two types of machines, pump driven and steam driven. They both are able to produce a great cup of espresso. A Moka pot is the most common type of steam driven espresso machine. 

However, a pump driven machine is the easiest one to find, because they are easier to use. There are several sub-categories that fall under pump driven machines. These include automatic and super automatic espresso machines. 

Ease of Use
If you are new to making espresso, you could consider looking at espresso machines that are easy and convenient to use. This could include choosing an espresso machine that is completely automated and programmable.

Take into account what type of material the espresso machine is made out of. Machines that are mostly made out of metal tend to last longer because they are more efficient at maintaining heat.


Another thing to take into consideration is what size of espresso machine will be the best fit for you and your kitchen.This means that you should look at how much space you have to work with because a good majority of espresso machines take up a large amount of counter space.


Other Features
While those are some of the most important things that you should be taken into consideration there are some extra features that could also help you determine which machine is right for you. This can include a machine that has a built-in coffee grinder, which can be handy if you are thinking about using whole bean espresso to make your coffee drinks.

Another extra feature is a frothing wand. This makes it easy for you to be able to steam milk, which will allow you to be able to create your own lattes or cappuccinos. While most espresso machines come with a water reservoir, most do not come with a water filter. But having a built-in water filter can have an impact on the overall flavor of your espresso.

Which are the Best Espresso Machines Under $200?

No matter what your budget is for an espresso machine, we have gathered a list of our favorite espresso machines that are all under $200.

De’Longhi  Bar Pump Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
The De’Longhi company has become a well-known brand in the espresso maker world. Their bar pump espresso machine will make a great addition to any kitchen. Whether you looking for the perfect shot of espresso, a great tasting latte, or maybe leaning more towards a cappuccino this machine will not disappoint. With a built in milk steamer, you are able to create a rich latte or cappuccino from the comfort of your home.

This machine is perfect for those who have  a limited amount of counter space. Its dimensions do not exceed 15 inches in any direction and only weighs 11 pounds. This makes it a lightweight stainless steel option that can be  easy to move around, so it can be stored away in a cabinet when it is not in use. This is a good starter espresso machine for those that are just starting to venture out in the espresso world.

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Breville ESP8XL Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker
The Breville Cafe Roma Stainless Espresso Maker is designed to make the perfect cup of espresso every time. With the Thermo-block heating system, you are able to create a perfect shot of espresso at the right temperature every time. A milk steamer is attached to this model, making it easy to handcraft a great latte.

Made completely out of stainless steel this machine adds a nice professional touch to every kitchen. With dimensions no larger than 20 inches, the Breville espresso machine is a little on the large side and weighs around 18 pounds. This could make it difficult to store in any place other than on a countertop.

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Capresso 118.05 EC PRO Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
Capresso is another well-known espresso machine brand. Made out of stainless steel this espresso machine is the perfect addition to every kitchen. There is a built-in milk frother that comes with the machine, which  will turn your kitchen into a little coffee shop anytime of the day.  Capresso has created a lightweight espresso machine that will fit into the smallest counter space.

This machine is best suited for those that have some experience at making espresso drinks. It is a simple machine that does not have any programmable buttons or digital technology. While it is best for an experienced espresso maker, it is still an easy to use the machine that even beginners will be able to learn how to use.

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The most important thing to think about when purchasing an espresso machine is finding one that will seamlessly fit into your kitchen. No matter which espresso machine you decide to go with you will be able to easily create a perfect espresso drink from the comfort of your own home.

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