Camping Just Got Better with Portable Espresso Maker

Nothing is better than having that perfect espresso every morning. Unfortunately, when you chose to go camping there is no way for to enjoy your favorite espresso. But thanks to today’s technology, that is all about to change. There are many outdoor brands that are starting to create portable espresso makers. This means that you can now have your espresso no matter where your next adventure takes you.


There are many different types of portable espresso machines out on the market. But the smallest one is currently made by Wacaco. The Minipresso is 6.6″ x 2.3″ and weighs less than one pound. It looks vaguely like a small thermos. The small size makes it easy for you to travel anywhere and still be able to make a perfect espresso shot.

Like all other portable espresso makers, the Minipresso is a hand-powered machine. This means that is able to work without electricity. It was cleverly engineered to take the available pressure and use it to make a non-traditional espresso. You never have to find batteries or CO2 canisters again.

You never have to find batteries or CO2 canisters again. This will help to limit the amount of things that you need to pack for your next adventure. Plus since it is powered by your hands you have the ability to pull a long or short shot. So, it is able to give you complete control over the taste of your morning espresso.

The Minipresso is made up of 6 different parts. These parts are the main body, coffee basket, water chamber, locking cover, coffee scoop, and the lid/cup combo.

How to Use It

Using this espresso maker is a simple task. First, you will fill the filter basket with finely ground coffee. To make sure that you get all the grounds out of the scoop, tap on the scoop a couple times. Make sure that you tamp , or press the coffee down using the bottom of the scoop. Place the basket  into the main body and screw on the locking cover. The water chamber can hold 2.3 ounces of water. You fill the chamber to the line with hot water and screw it into the bottom section of the main body.  

Turn the whole maker upside so that the water is able to flow to the coffee grounds. Twist open the pump and pump 6 times to pressurize the pump. Once you have done that begin to continually push the pump in. After a few pumps, you will be able to enjoy an easily prepared shot of espresso. Make sure to clean your machine after every use. A simple quick wash will work wonders in the overall maintenance of your Minipresso.

Tips and Tricks

-Having the grounds packed tightly  will make pumping a hard task. It could also put unnecessary pressure on the machine’s seals.

-Store your scoop and coffee grounds in the water tank area.

-For the best extraction process, run how water through the machine before you add in the coffee grounds.

Make sure that you are using finely ground coffee beans. This will make the pumping process an easy task.

-Skip the tamping. Leave the grounds in its large rounded scoop. It will get tamped down by the nozzle when it gets screwed in.

-Timing is important. If the piston is hard to press down after the first 6 pressurization pumps. Wait for a few seconds before trying again.

-Practice makes perfect. A white crema means that your water is not hot enough. But if you are able to produce a thick golden brown crema you have perfected the Minipresso process.

-Make sure that the filter basket is free of grounds. Otherwise, you will begin to notice that the seals are not working like they are supposed to.


Like many other portable items, there are a few drawbacks to owning the Minipresso. For starters, the portable espresso maker is made up of several small parts. All these small parts can make the Minipresso feel clunky. You might also find it a challenge to get the grounds into the filter basket. The filter basket is only able to hold 8 grams of ground coffee. Which means that you will have to make multiple single shots if you are an avid espresso drinker, or if you are out camping with a bigger group of people.

The Wacaco company is currently available in three different models. But no matter which one you choose, you are now able to have great espresso no matter where you are.

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