How to Make Espresso Using a Moka Pot

A Moka pot is a stovetop coffee maker that in some cases can also be an electric coffee maker. This version of a coffee maker was first introduced in 1933, by the Italian inventor Luigi De Ponti. It was then quickly put into production by Alfonso Bialetti, who coined the name ‘moka express’. This stove top coffee brewing system is typically used in Europe and Latin America.

How to Use a Moka Pot?

Moka pots are traditionally made out of aluminum but are also available in stainless steel options. Choosing to go with a stainless steel stovetop espresso maker makes it way easier to take care of than their aluminum counterparts. It is easy to keep stainless steel looking brand new because you will not have to worry about corrosion. There have also some recent concerns about the effects that aluminum can have on your health.

There are three components that all screw together to make up this stovetop brewing system. The bottom chamber is where the cold water is held. There is a funnel-shaped filter that sits on top of the bottom section, this middle section is where the coffee grounds are placed. The top chamber is where the brewed coffee gets collected.

Moka pots work when water is placed in the bottom section, and coffee grounds are in the funnel filter. All three sections are then screwed together and placed on a stove top. As the water starts to boil, the pressure from the steam starts to build up.

This build up of pressure will start to force the water up through the filter where the coffee grounds are located. Once that has happened the water and coffee grounds will start to brew and create a rich cup of coffee, that will gather up in the top portion of the pot.

Why Should You Choose a Moka Pot?

Choosing to go with a stove top espresso maker is the most affordable choice when it comes to buying an espresso maker.

Being made up of three easy to take apart sections, this coffee maker is able to be stored in every type of cabinet without taking up a large amount of room.

They come in several different sizes that ranges from 1 cup all the way up to 18 cups. This means that they are right for every occasion, but keep in mind that you are not able to make a smaller amount of coffee if you choose to get one of the larger Moka pots.

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